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Previse Critical Limited (registered address only: 88-90 Hatton Garden, unit-office 36 Holborn, London, GB/UK, EC1N 8PN (postcode), Europe) with registered company number 08218672. A few standard industrial classifications are also filed.

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Previse Critical Limited or in company number 08218672 .

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An invoice is supplied as a request for payment if we have supplied work. Before making a payment to our business / businesses, ensure it is us you are paying and not others.

Your payment must end in a GB/UK bank account named after either (i) a person, a human, the business’ founder, owner, proprietor, trader, trading as, self-employed, freelance, and so on, business or organisation. (ii) the business or organisation Previse Critical having a human(s) owner(s). (iii) A GB/UK private limited by shares company Previse Critical Limited, the business, organisation or corporation (incorporated); Not a public limited company (plc) corporate/corporation on a public stock exchange.

Previse Critical can be contacted Monday to Sunday inclusive, 24 hours a day, within reason and for buying on a projects, daily, monthly, products, services, contracts, or any purchasing negotiated bases and agreements, worldwide.

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Previse Critical, the error business error worlds™ have already published commercially relevant material in some of the fields others may or not be ‘reacting to’. ‘Competition’ including monopolistic behaviours in GB/UK and wider has also been previously published. Brand dilution and confusion marketing behaviours undermining to original brand(s) and aimed at confusing or misleading buyers and investors exist. We take seriously activity by others around our work and including using data supplied to and held by officialdom. As an originating entity we defend our originality and authenticity rights for our business.


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